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Holden Beach is a calm island situated along the coastal area of North Carolina.  Holden Beach is located towards the north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and to the south of Wilmington. Found halfway between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, Holden Beach is just about 11 miles long, offering secluded white sandy shorelines.

Holden Beach is one of those seaside Carolina hidden jewels which offers extraordinary value for an investment property. The area also serves as an awesome place for a vacation or a decent place for your dream home.

Holden Beach remains the longest and the biggest of the three islands collectively regarded to as the South Brunswick Islands. It is surrounded by Lockwoods Folly Inlet towards the east, Shallotte Inlet towards the west, and the Intracoastal Waterway toward the north. The island is an impeccable place for beachcombers, drifters, and joggers to appreciate.

Because of Holden Beaches’ one of a kind area on the drift, the shorelines from run east to west, the sun seems to rise out of the sea, following the hills of the shoreline before it sets again into the sea at night. This wonder is best seen amid the winter and fall months of the year when the sun happens to be nearest to the equator. During the summer, the ocean gets warm, with warm breezes blowing from the south out of the sea.

North Carolina Highway 130, interfaces Holden Beach with the territory. It rises 65 feet over the Intracoastal Waterway, offering guests and property owners a stunning perspective of the sea. The shoreline and the sea are the primary attractions in this town, which prides itself on a soothing, calm way of life.

Things to Do and Other Side Attractions

Alongside going off to the excellent shorelines, prevalent activities that are often performed on the island incorporate surf fishing, hiking, sailing, kayaking, and lots more. Holden Beach provides a fishing dock. The island additionally happens to be a settling beach for the imperiled Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

Holden Beach has a notoriety for being a peaceful, family-oriented getaway spot with little commercial development. Holden Beach has been rated as one of the best family shorelines in the nation by National Geographic Traveler magazine. The vast majority of the business property is located on the Intra-Coastal Waterway’s terrain side.

On the off chance that you visit Holden Beach between May and September, and you are lucky to see zones of sand ridges set apart by yellow groups of strips, those are settling destinations set apart by the Turtle Watch volunteers.

A trek to Holden Beach would not be complete without visiting the fish house. The fish houses are the place the greater part of the shrimp and fish caught by neighborhood anglers are taken. You ought to likewise take a short outing to the customary fishing town of Varnamtown on the Lockwood Folly River.

Golfers can likewise play some rounds of golf at the Lockwood Folly Country Club. The Lockwood Folly Country Club is rated four stars by Golf Digest. There are also other golf courses close by.

The Seafood Peddler located along the Causeway in Holden Beach has some expertise in fresh local fishes. On the other hand, you can also try Archibald’s Delicatessen which has everyday lunch and supper specials, and in addition one of the best sandwiches, and salads on Holden Beach.

You can also grab a cup of coffee at Cappuccino towards the Sea on the Causeway, where the offerings incorporate crisply fermented coffee, loose tea, and coffee beans. You can also get genuine cappuccinos, hot chocolate, mocha and frappeccinos, lattes, bagels, chai teas, doughnuts, biscuits, fudge, taffy, frozen yogurt, cake, and different assorted sweets. What else do you crave for?

You’ll additionally find an assortment of postcards, greeting cards, utilized books, balloons, arts and gift baskets, and also access to a copier and fax machine.

Yearly festivals in Holden Beach incorporate the SBI King Classic King Mackerel Tournament which holds in the late summer, A Day at the Dock which takes place in the spring, and The North Carolina Festival by the Sea which showcases during the fall.

While there are restricted business foundations on the island, the thoroughfare prompting to the island is fixed with shops, stores, and a supermarket. The Town of Shallotte, which is about 10 minutes’ drive, away offers a few malls, which incorporate markets and mainstream store retail establishments.

Outdoor exercises can be participated in throughout the entire year. There are numerous fishing charters, golf courses, and canoe and kayak centers. Inhabitants appreciate a laid-back, calm way of life which can be gotten at a very reasonable price.

Vacation Rentals

Holden Beach offers numerous beach house rentals to suit families of various sizes with top notch conveniences. Holden Beach vacation rental inventory comprises of different homes and an unimaginable extent of options to select from a one-room condo suite to eight-room single family homes having pools, coffeehouses, sauna, and numerous other facilities. The greater part of these properties now contains homes having more room spaces. A huge part of these homes has either a private pool or access to a community pool.

Boomers Rentals at Causeway Plaza provide the greater part of the rental needs as regards your excursion, including beach bicycles, surfboards, boogie boards, wagons, seats, umbrellas, poles, kayaks, gas flame broils, joggers just to mention a few. They likewise give sheets and shower and kitchen towel rentals, and in addition gadgets, for example, TVs, DVD players and other forms of electronics.

Notwithstanding what your money related concerns, there is dependably a home accessible for you. We can help you in finding your next essential home, summer get-away spot, or even investment property.

Real Estate in Holden Beach

In case you will like to join the tight-knit community group of the region year-round or you will just prefer to opt for a summer vacation home or even if it is an investment property, Holden Beach offers excellent value. From little, vacation cabins to extensive getaway summer homes, there is a Holden Beach home available for you.

Holden Beach provides different opportunities to invest for everyone. From comfortable getaway lodges to marvelous beachfront homes, your dream home is available on Holden Beach. Holden Beach has to be your destination in case you are already planning on retiring, or even looking for a simpler lifestyle or just planning a summer vacation. Our Real Estate group would be glad at the chance to take you around.

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