Oak Island NC

At 12.6 miles in length and about one mile wide, Oak Island turns out to be Brunswick County’s biggest and most populated territory. Roughly 7 miles from the noteworthy town of Southport, a distance of 60 miles from Myrtle Beach, and a distance of 30 miles from Wilmington, Oak Island is a naturally cordial safe house for birds, ocean turtles, and people as well!

Crossing over the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge, and you are greeted with magnificent yaupon trees and live oaks which lead to the tranquil surf and moderate tides that make up the Island.

Oak Island is made up of beach towns of West and East Long Beach, Caswell Beach and Yaupon Beach. Likewise, inside these areas are a few subdivisions, for example, Kings Lynn, Pinners Point, Arbor Creek, South Harbor Village, Tranquil Harbor, Turtlecreek, and Ocean Greens.

Oak Island is an environmentally friendly Island. It is home to both a bird asylum and an ocean turtle haven. Oak Island is likewise the main North Carolina town which works a nursery for developing ocean oats and other local shoreline vegetation. Also, the town manages Ocean Education centers and The Oak Island Nature.

Things to Do and Other Side Attractions

Tourism serves as the pillar of the economy and the larger part of Oak Island organizations are designed for the about 40,000 guests who slide on the island every summer. The Town of Oak Island has extended its limits to incorporate the territory regions along Long Beach Road where national supermarkets, department stores, and chains of eateries are found. All these have contributed to the economy of the Island.

Like any shoreline town, water exercises include fishing, swimming, kayaking, surf fishing, paddling and sailing and lots of other mainstream leisure activities. Oak Island offers two wharfs, a marina, and two open pontoon dispatch offices. There are over 50 access points to the beach on Oak Island. The yearly Oak Island King Mackerel fishing competition which takes place in October is a major attraction for inhabitants and guests alike.

The Island is home to a wide assortment of vegetation, including the regular visits from Atlantic Ocean turtles who are known to return each year to lay eggs. The Loggerhead, Green, and rare Kemp Ridley turtles are various species of turtles available on the Island. The Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program is a local effort for the protection of sea turtles as well as their nests.

Oak Island is especially recognized for its crisp Blue Crab and North Carolina Shrimp. Obviously, there are various options for each sense of taste and local ice cream and frozen yogurt shops to fulfill one’s sweet tooth.

An eighteen-hole golf course exists close to the shoreline. There is also a broad walkway system for people on foot, entertainment trails, calm streets for cycling, various parks, and play areas, and a full dedicated service Parks and Recreation Department which offers tennis, basketball, soccer, and notwithstanding skateboarding!

Local events that are also held on the Island include summer films in the recreation center, the Oak Island Lighthouse 5K, and 10K runs, a kayak race, a marathon, fishing competitions, Fourth of July firecrackers, craft shows, and lots more.

Commemoration Park has a quiet, short lush nature trail, a garden filled with butterflies, and a relaxation pier, where you have the opportunity to enjoy the activity on the Inter-Atlantic Waterway. There’s likewise a nature center, which is utilized by old and youthful alike. The Skate Park offers a phenomenal region for both inline skating and skateboarding for children of any age.

Middleton Park offers playing fields for soccer, baseball, basketball and tennis courts, and in addition a play area for children. Schuster Park offers you a decent perspective of Davis Creek with its plenitude of vegetation and natural life and an awesome view of the waterway traffic.

At the Oak Island Environmental Overlook Trails, there exist a Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden situated on the trail. The garden is made up of four different platforms overlooking the path, as well as a talking live oak, different indigenous flowers and trees, and varieties of food plants which pull in hummingbirds and butterflies. A trail on one side of the Recreation Center leads into the rainforest zone.

The Tidal Waves Park is located immediately after the Recreation Center. Here, there is a picnic shelter which is close to the floating dock that can be utilized for propelling kayaks and canoes. The trail winds which blow through the trees to the opposite side of the island and a crossover walk leads to the sea providing a nearer perspective of the salt marsh. You may likely see some wildlife animals like deer, snakes, and lots of other birds.

Various animals you are likely to see at the Mineral, Rock and Animal Exhibits include prairie dog, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, hedgehog, gecko, and moon crab. The Center additionally has a huge touch tank which contains marine animals that are natives to the Oak Island community. The Nature Center and a neighboring park have a picnic shelter, various restroom facilities, as well as a fishing zone.

Vacation Rentals

Whether what attracts you is plentiful daylight, moderate temperature, or a family-accommodating shoreline community, once you encounter the sounds and sights of this naturally blessed island, you will definitely agree that it is the ideal place to spend the remaining part of your life.

There are series of houses available for you including shoreline view, oceanfront, as well as second-row properties. There is also a one-room apartment suite to eight-room single family homes having pools, coffee shops, sauna, and bunches of different facilities.  Even if what you desire for is a condominium having a pool or beach access included, Oak Island has to be the right destination for you. Take a look at the Vacation Rental Inventory for various available home rental options.

Real Estate in Oak Island

Homes on Oak Island are quite reasonable when it comes to cost. Most of these homes are located along the Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean, and Davis Canal. Where else will you select as a vacation spot if now somewhere you can always appreciate the ocean view as well as the ocean breeze?

Oak Island has turned into a most loved spot for retirees who rush to the Carolina Coast. The tranquil residential area and wonderful temperatures year-round has helped in making Oak Island a perfect option for spending the greatest years of one’s life. Societies like Saint James Plantation have been made particularly for the way of life of dynamic retirees.

Whether what you desire is a conventional waterfront home property or a home in a more developed residential area like Sunset Harbor or St. James Plantation, or whether you are fascinated with yaupon trees or oak trees, you’re are definitely going to find a wonderful natural home on Oak Island.

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