Sunset Beach NC

Sunset Beach is situated in southwestern Brunswick County. Sunset Beach is the last created Atlantic Ocean shoreline before the South Carolina outskirt. About 33% of the town’s range involves a barrier island amid the Intracoastal Waterway and the sea.

The other part of the town stretches out onto the mainland toward the north. Undeveloped Bird Island is located towards the west, while Ocean Isle Beach is situated towards the east. Calabash is the nearest town towards the west on the terrain.

As indicated by the United States Census Bureau, the town of Sunset Beach has an aggregate area of 7.3 square miles. About 6.4 square miles of the area consists of land, while 0.89 square miles makes up the water.

Things to Do and Other Side Attractions

The Town of Sunset Beach, North Carolina is well known for its outstanding views and ample wildlife. Sunset Beach is one of the proud members of the North Carolina Birding Trail. It is also home to the Ingram Planetarium.  Visitors will enjoy fascinating seasonal festivals and events in the nearby Brunswick Islands, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach, North Carolina. Some of Sunset Beach Attractions include various outdoor adventure, golfing, fishing and water sports, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping.

The lifestyle in Sunset Beach is relaxed, casual, and easy going. This might be due to the antiquated access to the island. The only access road to Sunset Beach goes through an antique one-path barge bridge.

Pastel- colored homes and cabins nestled by the oat-covered dunes of the sea lines up the oceanfront. In case you will like to swim, sunbathe, build sandcastles, or gather seashells, Sunset Beach is the perfect district. A fishing dock exists and a couple shops on the island, and adjacent is various golf courses.

Fishing charters, golf, and both non-motorized and motorized sports lovers are invited with open arms to Sunset Beach. In the course of recent years, the Town of Sunset Beach has kept on extending with the expansion of the Sea Trail Plantation, and in addition the Cape Side and Wyndfall golf community groups.

The fishing pier and the new Public Boat Ramp at Sunset Beach give a simple dispatch space to boaters, paddleboarders, and kayakers. You can likewise walk an estimated mile­long extent of undeveloped coastline.

Pearl Golf Links is a good play for your golfing activity. This golf course is regarded as one of the top-ranked golf course available in the Carolinas. The course was designed by Dan Maples. It features panoramas, vistas, and marsh scenery. Players can play rounds of golf in the midst of the natural wildlife.

Other available golf courses are Thistle Golf Club, Sea Trail Plantation and Golf Resort, and Ocean Ridge Plantation Golf. Ocean Ridge Plantation Golf is the home of “Huge Cat” courses of Panther’s Run, Lion’s Paw, Leopard’s Chase, Jaguar’s Lair, and Tiger’s Eye. On the off chance that you stop at the Sea Trail Plantation, make sure to look at the Ingram Planetarium, situated in the Village at Sunset Beach.

Ingram Planetarium consists of a state-of-the-art 40-foot dome theater which features different shows such as The Sky Tonight, The Explorer’s, and Endless Horizon. One of the facility’s extraordinary features known as Assisted Listening gives headsets to individuals with hearing difficulties.

The Paul Dennis Science Room is utilized for exhibitions, classes, birthday parties, and meetings. In it are hands-on presentations, for example, the Stuart Ingram’s gathering of sextants, the constellation puzzle, alongside an explanation of their utilization in guiding by the stars while going adrift. For the infrequent rainy day, go to the Ingram Planetarium for unendingly clear skies to look at.

Birders ought to cross Mad Inlet if they will like to visit Bird Island, where herons, osprey, egrets and different winged creatures come to the home and bolster. On the off chance that you wander out to Bird Island, additionally be watchful for imperiled turtles who lay their eggs on the shoreline.

Vacation Rentals

Sunset Beach vacation rental inventory incorporates various homes and an unfathomable scope of choices from a one-room apartment suite to eight-room single family homes having pools, coffee shops, sauna, and bunches of different facilities. The lion’s share of these properties now contains bigger homes having more room spaces. A large portion of these homes has either a private pool or access to a community pool.

Sunset Beach offers vacationers a numerous assortment of rental choices for groups and families of various sizes. Regardless of what your financial plan, there is always a home available for you. We can assist you in locating your next primary home, temporary vacation spot, or even investment property.

Whether you are looking for a vacation or summer home for the week or a place to settle down after retiring, Sunset Beach, NC is a unique seaside town rich with history, common excellence and a smooth way of life exceptionally its own.

Real Estate in Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is glad to have countless vacationers turned permanent property owners themselves. Living in Sunset Beach provide all year round serene temperatures, a mellifluent way of life, access to a few wonderful greens, and, obviously, the southern hospitality which Sunset Beach, NC inhabitants promptly offer various guests.

Sunset Beach offers various investment opportunities for all and sundry. From comfortable getaway cabins to awesome beachfront estates, just to mention a few. The island is fundamentally home to vacation rental homes and bungalows, despite the fact that there are about hundred permanent occupants too.

No place compared to Sunset Beach represents why the Coast of Carolina has picked up a notoriety for being a foremost coastal destination for those planning on retiring, or even seeking a simpler lifestyle or just planning for a weekend vacation. Sunset Beach and its encompassing zones offer some renowned and locally owned shopping, entertainment, and dining options which will make you feel comfortable.

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